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It looks like the small spring s & rsquo; slightly encrusted… I who live like an onion for months j & rsquo; have lowered the guard, ranked cashmere cardigan coats in my closet, and go out into the wind with a simple sweater and a tutu. I will soon m & rsquo; to bite the fingers c & rsquo; is safe.

J & rsquo; have made these pictures last night with Vianney, while the sun was setting. J & rsquo; like right now, just before the streetlights do s & rsquo; light up on the Pont de Sully, where trees and draw out the claws of disturbing forms when the moon is just beginning to shine.

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– Sweat American Apparel, Topshop skirt, Bertie sandals at Asos, H socks&M –

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