? ? Naaaaaaants ingonyamaaaaaaaaa Abagtha babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ?? ?

Okay so, I tell you how it goes on safari? J & rsquo; had had some memories of my first trip, but I must admit that & rsquo; have a super-powerful zoom loan from Canon gives completely changed the c & rsquo; was like having supersonic binoculars to see the spots close-up zebra. Magic.

A safari c & rsquo; s not a trick & rsquo; eh adventurers, it is cushy well wedged in a small van * pacing national parks in & rsquo; hypothetical hope that & rsquo; a small herd & rsquo; deign to show wild animals. It's like idiots and nature reigns.

***About the van, Quick guide nana safari ***

> The morning tea you cry if you forget your mom for 4 hours (yes pee break in the middle of the savannah c & rsquo; is niet, the guide not want you to make you shred the buttocks by a baboon (they do not like girls baboons) (je sais pas pourquoi))

> If like me mother nature t & rsquo; less spoiled Jane Birkin, ben bra even when you put, it shakes and t & rsquo; s not you & rsquo; thin air to hold your breasts to the beat of crevasses.

> Do t & rsquo; n & not worry you rsquo; not as tanned as Cathy Guetta, you're just covered in dirt, It will be alright…


I continue. The safari so : at first we grapeshot gazelles every angle, as Japanese at the foot of the sacred heart, it crackles, it crackles. After 3 days are told such blasé “arf a gazelle”, because & rsquo; in real life that & rsquo; we want to see what are LIONS, THE LEOPARDS, THE CHEETAHS… What Predators.

You don & rsquo; not see here, j & rsquo; s have the picture & rsquo; & rsquo ear; a cheetah under a tree (exciting picture) and the lions were shown the day j & rsquo; was in bed with fever small sacripans.

Good kidding, I'm kidding… But true c & rsquo; is crazy to see what kind of show, j & rsquo; could have stayed for hours watching the elephants at the point & rsquo; water at sunset to admire the majestic giraffes hypnotize us with their psychedelic coat, laughing looking ridiculous behind warthogs running around or admire the sunset in Acacias…


Magical Kenya ?

A word quickly from Kenya (or I type on a QWERTY keyboard forgive mistakes, accents copy pasted c & rsquo; everything is a lil bit relou !)

I did not tell you because I am a little secretive, and perhaps also to prevent a possible new scandal Quechua (are you kidding…)

Je suis, like as Australia Alix invited to show my vision a bit destination. I shoot like a dingo to bring you full of clichés, j & rsquo; hope you enjoy it.

J & rsquo; benefits from the transition to thank Canon that m & rsquo; lent an outrageous goal * with which I win the & rsquo; comfortable all competitions possible cock against the other photographers on safari crossed lovers. C & rsquo; d is so funny & rsquo; s have & rsquo; & rsquo impression, have a big when you're a girl !

And thank tourism Office Local denies this trip, I feel infinitely fortunate d & rsquo; s have & rsquo; opportunity to experience such things.

Finally j & rsquo; especially want to thank my mom and impresario who always believed in me :D

To quickly for d & rsquo; other photos aue those of my iphone !

*Un EF 70-300 mm f/4-5,6 Série L, IS USM with an extender for the curious