As I l ​​& rsquo; told Monday, Shopping matter j & rsquo; have been reasonable mega Saturday in London. Yet when I do shopping with girlfriends j & rsquo; have trouble controlling myself seen that & rsquo; we suddenly galvanized from “Whaaa they go really well you these shoes” “Whaaa they are too good” “if you take the steps you'll regret”. In addition once the exchange was to my advantage so I didn & rsquo; not explain this wise attitude…

Finally I assure you, I still bought some very pretty little things that are going to be in my musts battery & rsquo; accessories.

My big big favorite (it is the case to say), c & rsquo; is this little bag top shop on which s & rsquo; is rushes with Anne-so (it has d & rsquo; otherwise taken Beautiful photos here). C & rsquo; s & rsquo's like, he said “my heart belongs to england”, j’adore ! Anyway, when there s & rsquo; union jack somewhere I jump on it. And with this little gem, je me console du beautiful Chanel bag that & rsquo; he was totally unreasonable to m & rsquo; s buy & rsquo; last year).




After that… Only a few odds, yes I am a Zen master shopping me right now, Nothing disturbs me. Only a small pair of heart shaped sunglasses and these three small Cases “Russian dolls” with pretty cherry motifs. I don & rsquo; have by no photos yet against the charming white flowers and lace umbrella purchased from topshop, open an umbrella in a house it's bad luck I remind you.



Ok I confess… If I & rsquo; have been so reasonable c & rsquo; is that I return to London next Tuesday, and as I & rsquo; have been very good Saturday I n & rsquo; have no qualms about to bleed my wallet. To be continued…