Hier soir, c & rsquo; is in the small cozy cinema hall of & rsquo; Star Saint Germain that I & rsquo; was lucky to discover the film & rsquo; Olivier Dahan for the Lady Dior with Marion Cotillard. Where j & rsquo; have been disappointed le spot Chanel : Tautou + = Jeunet Amélie Poulain takes the & rsquo; orient express, j & rsquo; was more than fascinated by the approach of Dior.
For good news, they did not remake us the same, (But that would have to card & rsquo; International), non, they preferred to imagine a film noir, very Hitchcockian.
You say that I & rsquo; understood everything would be a big lie, by cons I stayed taped by images, music, l & rsquo; atmosphere… I let you discover it :



Today, has unveiled the highly anticipated film by Jean Pierre Jeunet to Chanel n°5 Audrey Tautou. Riding on the success d & rsquo; & Amelie at rsquo; foreign and coco before chanel movie in which Audrey embodies coconut, this ad will not be a surprise. The first images discovered on the net m & rsquo; have a little disappointed : plans to & rsquo; old slightly yellowed and still filmed Tautou and always in the same way. Some plans are totally the same : the couple filmed in a top view is modeled on the one in which Amélie and Nino finally found.











I'm sure this film will be sublime, full of poetry that characterizes everything that makes Jeunet, but c & rsquo; is so waited c & rsquo; is really disappointing. Although let's be fair, this should be exactly what Chanel wanted… Continue reading

longchamp evening

I have a little bit late to show you all this, but who cares eh ?

I attended a few weeks ago at a party hosted by Longchamp for the launch of its new collection celebrating 60 year anniversary. The Elysée Montmartre, du people, a concert and Kills 60 customized models by Jean-Luc Moerman.

The concert hall was invested by the abstract and organic forms dear to the artist that were contaminating the space from floor to ceiling in the epidermis guests : we all tattooed with happiness as if we had nabbed the right Malabar with integrated tatoo.

These forms are so fascinating that I admit I was a bit disappointed by the Longchamp collection : I was expecting a longer trip to Murakami.

There it was almost as if the artist had been bridled (but I do not know eh, it's just an impression) : I found that it lacked audacity.

Sure 60 models, I thought to see 2 or 3 a little delusional, colorful, more to the picture of these hybrid forms that invaded space and which suddenly made this collective bland.

We feel that Longchamp has tried to be more funky by using this artist, but there, the risk of being a little hard, I find it a pity veeeeeery for staying so shy.

Maintenant, even if it slightly lacked salt, I loved the graphics created for models that evoke like bones, des muscles, and give you a strange feeling when you try to understand how it works as a Möbius strip.

So I particularly liked leather models with black graphics as a tattoo, the most colorful is not going to my senses, at the end of the process.

So I saw lots of beautiful things, and I really observed this event, I'm still in that state of mind when I meet the people “plugged” : I feel very spectator.

It is a world amuses me : most people are constantly representation with looks of crazy, typing poses at every turn, not moving in the light, …etc. I do not think it's ridiculous, nor fascinating, it's just a joy to photograph…

[Gallery=48] See all the pictures from the event.