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It's a little d & rsquo; a year now I've been redhead bangs (or rather Venetian blond but we will not quibble).

I do not know why, but my hair has changed everything in my house, you l & rsquo; may have noticed ;) Hair d & rsquo; a daughter c & rsquo; is not a simple story but when you get to tame c & rsquo; is somewhere that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; is somewhat found…

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Tin tin tin !! I am red ! Or rather Venetian blond but we will not quibble… For years I dreamed of the breakthrough (as if it & rsquo; was a matter of life or death but not pfffff) and I'm finally launched trophappy * me *.

Everything started there 6 years in my maid's room, a capillary accident, a failed color, I m & rsquo; was found almost blond and I & rsquo; had Chiale.

C & rsquo; was missed, it seemed that I & rsquo; Playmobil had a helmet, but I've realized that more clear and slightly brown it was going pretty well with my complexion and bidet my blue eyes.

But given the budget that I & rsquo; had (Student ie no more than the price of & rsquo; s a & rsquo; Oreal color in monop), there was no way I start in there.

So this year, j & rsquo; & rsquo had decided that, after my marriage I would launch !

J & rsquo;'ve talked to so my super hairdresser Rue Tiquetonne, to know that & rsquo; he thought. I l & rsquo; like, he can not tell me when I & rsquo; have a rotten idea, it m & rsquo; even refused the right before my wedding locks while j & rsquo; was bridezilla mode, he is afraid of nothing !

And he said yes. But as he knows I'm slightly pain in the ass demanding, we started doing bits to make it beautifully nuanced before switching to strawberry blonde fatal. J & rsquo; have had to 4am but I & rsquo; & rsquo like that; we take the time with my hair :)

And now ? I find it a lot of things change d & rsquo; be red. You almost count on a color more for s & rsquo; dressing and lots of colors will really me (pale pink, Coral, bof…).

But that & rsquo; is not very serious, j’adore !

If you want to get, Here l & rsquo; my hairdresser address : JC Biguine, 2 Rue Tiquetonne dans le 3e (Metro Etienne Marcel). My hairdresser, c & rsquo; is Aurélien.

P.S : n & rsquo; not fear for my health, j & rsquo; did those pictures last Sunday while we were living our last days of good weather.