Short Asos, Pull American Apparel, Tights Sun, chaussures 9, Umbrella H&M, Sophie Ring Jewelry, H Varnish&M

Il y a 2 semaines, j & rsquo; I nearly smacking 75$ in a pair of tights. And I & rsquo; have been reasonable (WHILE FUCKING THESE TIGHTS !!!!!). Since I look at my dressing room, telling me that I don & rsquo; have nothing to wear, my life without those tights n & rsquo; is nothing…

But not as, I will not put 75 10g balls in lycra, j & rsquo; tried to postpone my obsession a little higher, the shorts worn by the girl flowers. Voilà, I want a flower shorts. Would ! Asos !

I can resume normal activity.

Photos par Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

Eleonore Bridge for my parade – Model Marie Astrid

This week c & rsquo; s is a bit & rsquo; full project completion for me !

Wednesday c & rsquo; was my big baby Un Beau Jour to which I & rsquo; have devoted months of work, c and yesterday & rsquo; was a small shoot for mondéfilé that has meant to me.

J & rsquo;'ve done it before : studio photos to Bata books in blankets & rsquo; agency where I worked before (and also some culinary shootings), strangers in the street for Armani. But then c & rsquo; was special.

J & rsquo; have worked a little more globally : choice of model, styling Photo. I feel that I & rsquo; still have thousands of things to learn but I'm glad d & rsquo; advance. Before I felt unable to do this kind of thing, I thought me too to go anywhere. Sometimes you just take confidence.

There's also that I rarely bump for brands or sites, I count on collaborations Fingers. We need people, the project, box please me. J & rsquo; loved the project girls my show because I think that & rsquo; they provide a real service to young artists and have a good energy. J & rsquo; likes to work with people like that.

I let you discover the collection that was especially created by designers sold on the site on a retro theme “mise en more” designed by girls my parade. The products are put to the vote, Go for it (Custom j & rsquo; would have stung the little blue on the top shooting ^^).

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Slim Asos (16€), derbies Topshop, T-shirt American Apparel, Jacket H&M

If you walk towards the Gare de Lyon, you may well be surprised at the turn of & rsquo; street… C & rsquo; m is what & rsquo; s happened one morning while I was looking for a shop in the neighborhood. La rue Crémieux… WTF ? In the middle of the arches and other avenues Haussmann, was the & rsquo; d & rsquo impression fallen into a time warp space, and looking at this as colorful and joyous street that & rsquo; a box of Quality Street as if it & rsquo; was a joke. I have long wondered what had been happening and who these irreducible bisounours populating places.

J & rsquo; have therefore made a turn on wikipedia I split from d & rsquo; a small encyclopedic search only for you but I don & rsquo; there have not learned much… Nothing & rsquo; explains how they have come to daub the walls in pink Malabar or drawing glycine trompe l & rsquo; eye as the veranda with my granny, laughing loudly in the teeth of & rsquo; France buildings architect.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles