New York

J & rsquo; shamefully confesses, before & rsquo; be completely sick, happy and madly excited d & rsquo; to be invited in the big apple I don & rsquo; had never had really bad super too keen d & rsquo; go to New York.

But what error !! Ces 4 Days m & rsquo; have just given desire d & rsquo; return as soon as possible, this city is pure happiness !

First, il y a l’architecture : I thought the m & rsquo buildings; bored quickly and the gigantism which the city is often referred to displease me. J & rsquo; certainly was force-fed too d & rsquo; images of movies and series, for I & rsquo; just loved, and out of a 5th Avenue I did not feel squashed by the huge buildings. J & rsquo; was also surprised by the “quiet” : I m & rsquo; expecting a noisy city, worse than & rsquo; in Paris. Well c & rsquo; was the opposite, traffic was less deafening, about the fact that & rsquo; there are few scooters and taxis do not honk like remained at every turn as in Paris.

And then there's Central Park : wonderful… We had the chance & rsquo; have our hotel just in front (the world-soluble park lane hotel), and believe me, cross a small tip of the park in the morning to get to the Guggenheim c & rsquo; was simply magical : squirrels, the fountains, small full schools of small messages, la statue d’alice in wonderland… a little paradise.

From the first trip that takes us from & rsquo; j airport to our hotel & rsquo; have kept my eyes open to contemplate the bricks, metal beams, Funny small castles d & rsquo; water atop buildings, fire escapes, sunny buildings, the famous yellow taxis…

J & rsquo; tried not to close too early for the weary to contemplate the view from the center rockfeller the first night. The view was breathtaking and my brain was fogged still printed unforgettable images (and despite my crappy framings, j & rsquo; have some drinking photos for you to benefit).

the second day, we don & rsquo; & rsquo have done that; a quick tour of the city by bus (…all that I & rsquo; love) and went to see the sad ground zero. Serious, c & rsquo; is not super creepy to put this place on tours ? I really do not understand this morbid attraction to this place, me it m & rsquo; gave chills.

And Sunday, j & rsquo; finally saw New York as I was dreaming : on foot and by taxi !! Walking the streets, walking with girls in meatpacking, broadway, whistling yellow cars… Thanks to Flo , our little angel New York we found on site j & rsquo; had the feeling to spend a real day in New York, full of brunch and shopping, but uh oops, it c & rsquo; is after friends…