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Dress Asos, shoes grasslands Paris, rings Asos

Yes finally learn to play guitar mostly. But I do not know why it m & rsquo; always seemed above my d & rsquo skills; learn.

J & rsquo;'ve always seen my grandfather in play, often at Christmas but every time that & rsquo; he was asked by clapping. Super Bege my grandfather, he sings like a god and he recorded a 33 tours en 63 AND YEAH !

So I thought this would be a class girl who plays guitar in the family, but as a big flemmasse I don & rsquo;'ve ever wanted to learn, and I & rsquo;'ve forgotten all the agreements that my grandfather m & rsquo; has shown. Sometimes I do stupid blockages (c & rsquo; is a girl who types all day on his keyboard with two fingers you say that – the typist that m & rsquo; d & rsquo slave; advance – I unrecoverable – and really ridiculous).

So I just pretend with a forgotten guitar with me by a friend, spreading vinyls my father to tell me a little.

Photos Eleonore Bridge avec Fabien Gilles

Dress Asos, sandales monoprix, bag H&M, vernis Déborah Milano chez monop

3615 MY LIFE

Sunday : Wake to 13h, Hug, choco pops, unpacking boxes (encore), décryptage de notice Ikea, assembling furniture, bain, scrub, manicure, receiving & rsquo; a Sushi control, Perrier, small green dress, departure for the Parc de Bercy, soleil, honeysuckle, picnic, ducks…

thanks to Sushi shop pour la red box Kenzo Takada, nice little gift Sunday.