Lanvin dress for H&M, Bali necklace bought at market, Tabio tights / Photos taken by l & rsquo; Ares hotel

Demain, j & rsquo; have a party, cocktail kind where you have to go with the dress. Pression… C & rsquo; for the first presentation before the first episode of the next season mad men. Mad men !!

But there, I'll have to spend a good part of the day to follow & rsquo; team of the series and its actors have undermined for the evening, not easy (even too hard), unless I camouflaged myself under my big black coat. To meditate…

& Footwear ? I will not linger with heels 12 all day, or with a big bag and shoes in, I prefer a nice little evening bag hand.

All these abominable issues ranging from my life hell, ô monde cruel…

Pura Lopez Heels – Nodes Mlle Pierre

(c & rsquo; is crazy like a pair & rsquo; pumps can turn with simple shoe clips, you remember these Pura Lopez with blue sequined knots ?)

Ha ha, non, I'm kidding of course. I prances like a kid in front of my closet, because anyway : damn of what I put goodnight ? J & rsquo; severe hesitate, so I'll see you.

We already have the dress of this post, Lanvin for H&M, that I & rsquo; like to wear well, but I find it a little too summery. I will put it well with these shoes with bow.

Or, to stay in & rsquo; 60 mind & rsquo; s, I am tempted by my red dress Zara, to wear with my wedding shoes Sonia Rykiel.

Or, classical, my blue dress (encore) Lanvin for H&M ???


A pea or striped ! C & rsquo; is the dress code sadistic that I & rsquo; have imposed on my guests mariage. And since I told them they do not stop bitching.

Tut tut ! S & rsquo; there is indeed a day when I can play the tyrants with a hundred people simultaneously c & rsquo; well then my wedding day I don & rsquo; m not going & rsquo; deprive ! Nah, I'm joking (barely… :) A la base, j & rsquo; it chose me because I gorged US wedding sites and I found that all these people assorted beauuuuuu on photos. Imposing a color : not easy, a period : even less… But such simple reasons as polka dots and stripes : fastoche !

J & rsquo; was so fully into this delirium that & rsquo; very tired one day I bought this polka dot dress on Asos saying : perfect for my wedding ! Yes except that I'm not invited me, I am married I need something else (the bride has a lil pea in the head hehe). J & rsquo; expect a happy cocktail wear for the scene as well with my gloves !

Until I went to ride with me in my wedding dishes (bought at Emmaus) to play the dinette turns because I barjot o_O

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Chose promise, due thing (j & rsquo; adoooore this kind of formula dork especially in intro). Last week, au portobello market, I came across a powdery dresses stand, lace, frous frous… Where j & rsquo; have unearthed this little pink satin dress with a detachable collar and puffed sleeves. By putting first j & rsquo; d have thought that & rsquo; had made a big mistake : l & rsquo; elastic dress sawed in half, making me l & rsquo; d & rsquo elegant silhouette, a barrel. And, in the & rsquo; d & rsquo accessorizing; a nice pair & rsquo; very feminine shoes, j & rsquo; finally got to the & rsquo; tame…

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– Robe marché de portobello road, zara shoes, headband H&M, Helena Rubinstein lipstick lips-