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In good Parisienne, I can not m & rsquo; help me to recognize farting places where movies are shot in the capital, especially the streets ptites. At the beginning of Midnight in Paris, for example, I even had fun counting those I knew not vs, j & rsquo; was satisfied with the account.

When gosspi girl were in Paris, j & rsquo; d had even want & rsquo; go shoot all over as they were walking and make a little journey for me farting MORE. And I & rsquo; was too lazy ha !

Midnight in Paris donc, this n & rsquo; is not I who have found where Owen Wilson sees appearing the famous car from the past, c & rsquo; is Vianney who recognized this little place near the pantheon. A great place to take some pictures, I m & rsquo; almost expected to see me in the past propelled, especially when the little cafe s & rsquo; is set to swing Edith Piaf thoroughly balloons (je note – very good tourist trap).

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles