Last small Parisian getaway unusual in a small area with my lover : 20th Mouzaïa the side of the street where there are d & rsquo; exquisite cobbled alleys, flowering, with dream houses 3 floors…

J & rsquo;'ve shot so these small villas it will l & rsquo; & rsquo subject; a ticket very soon.

Waiting, Paul my little dress & Joe sister, uh… Pardon : Mon PULL ! I must say, I'm a real bitch…

When the I & rsquo; d tried it in Abu & rsquo; & rsquo j abi bazar, I immediately thought of swinging london and super short dresses and I thought it whaaaa more color c & rsquo; is perfect !

And the asshole salesman to let me m & rsquo; sink into my delirium : He m & rsquo; led to believe that this was a mini dress, in fact it was a sweater, I read that on the label on my way home.

It is wrong to make fun of small.

So I wear it with shorts and black tights, it makes illusion…

– Robe paul & joe sister, short et veste zara, H tights&M, boots and bag vintage, lunettes urban outfitters –

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robe orange

I think I never told you about it here : oversight ?
But I & rsquo; write for several months on the blog Etam “ups and debates” : every week, with Misshello and Anne-so, we give our views on such frivolous topics “la maxi dress”, “le flashy”, “private sales”, “romantic comedies”, …etc.

All essential topics in our lives turkey and I invite you d & rsquo; elsewhere has come join us every Tuesday to express yourself on these substantive issues (haaaa j & rsquo; love writing this stuff, you don & rsquo; not imagine the number of emails I get indignant because some are stupid enough to take that first degree !)

Besides & rsquo; write for the blog, we meet once a month for a makeover session with a client of the brand (who is offered the outfit of choice, and yes ma'am !), and also to make a selection of what & rsquo; there is more fun in store.

Et là… c & rsquo; is the drama ladies and gentlemen, I who stood plaid all this time, Here that & rsquo; we let go once a month in a store, that & rsquo; they let me take a few saps, take them with me to photograph them, to finally bring them to the store one month later.

Both say that & rsquo; a month later in general, I will rather pay for I & rsquo; want too keep ! cruel world !
C & rsquo; s how I fill my closet every month of pretty little things, c & rsquo; is why you often find yourself in the list of Etam clothes I wear on my photos.

Here d & rsquo; moreover my latest find : an orange dress which led to a trip photoshoot year 80 ohé j & rsquo; have fishing !

– Dress Etam – vintage shoes – cat love SPA –
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