As j & rsquo; have a little loose yesterday with my outfit of surpat that & rsquo; barely see, j & rsquo; anticipates the day of & rsquo; year !

I know that like every year I'll still be one of only undermine me a little but I m ​​& rsquo; cares. J & rsquo; have plenty of portable hard held outside special occasions, so I will not deprive myself, I don & rsquo;'ve never fear & rsquo; ridiculous !

This will be the day when I finally get out my dress Lanvin for H&M his coat (meulait there too his mother to the opening of & rsquo; BVLGARI expo at great palace there 2 semaines).

With my small waders currently left in the closet since last spring and my props and my shining nodes node.

– Lanvin dress for H&M, Node ring Mlle Pierre, waders redoubt, Princess tam tam pocket, coat Asos