Apparently the hype around the garden collection H&M has got drunk more & rsquo; a… Personally I l & rsquo; expected as the messiah ! J & rsquo; saw some parts of the day shooting Grace* and since, not a week passed without that I put the nose in Swedish to see s & rsquo; n & rsquo they, had received nothing.

J & rsquo; have cracked more than reason for this collec, my fiancé m & rsquo; has taken (encore une fois) for a dingo.

My favorite part is by far the little butterfly dress (oui, j & rsquo; s & have decided rsquo; call it that) hair cell that has the correct length and frilly like j & rsquo; love. And as I & rsquo; wanted to wear it right away, now, without waiting, j & rsquo; took out my vest and my cashmere leggings and roll youth !

? See photo gallery ?

– Robe H&M (garden), Zara vest, leggings drums Princess, Etam shoes, sac vintage –

? See photo gallery ?

And obviously it n & rsquo; it's not just me who loves this little dress…

* By the way, I think about it, for those m & rsquo; asked, le magazine sort le 17 avril !

And it goes without saying : This N & rsquo; NOT a sponsored ticket, you don & rsquo; NEVER will find on this blog.