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Robe vintage Lacoste, Derbies Asos, Sunglasses Asos, Market basket, Zara vest

Many people hate Paris. They have a rather gray image, and & rsquo; imagine populated by unpleasant people who draw the face all day.

The n & rsquo; is not always false…

And yet, there are so nice hidden places that even we, Paris, will discover that & rsquo; sparingly. C & rsquo; in the case of the passage of the & rsquo; anchor, that I & rsquo; found out about the wonderful blog and if walking around in Paris. Run by Audrey, a lover of the capital and talented photographer, who enjoys his job hunter d & rsquo; apartments to discover beautiful hidden places. His blog is a d & rsquo mine, yet you want to discover a secret and colorful Paris.

J & rsquo; have therefore followed his footsteps in this small passage, dressed & rsquo; a tennis vintage dress bought in Brooklyn (okay I am fired up two seconds) with my basket of spring. Seeing these pictures I think of plunging my head in a bucket of & rsquo; self tanner…

Photos par Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles
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Primark vest, cartable Asos (26€), robe vintage, ballerines Topshop

London is my second discovery : a vest very “American academic year” found at Primark.

This shop is crazy : c & rsquo; is immense, good to, neon-lit, the shelves are filled d & rsquo; cheap horrors. And when we search we made great discoveries, happiness to rage on returning girlfriends in fashion bitch : “oh it, I l & rsquo; bought in London last week, 14£” (= Cool and cheap and you l & rsquo; not even shalt c & rsquo; is too far).

Ne mentez pas, we like to do that because all & rsquo; it is all the bitches ptites.

Sinon, you did see, I made you go around the countryside in Paris. C there & rsquo; is at number 27 Street Montreuil. With a portal, paved driveway and flowers, it's like a little granny and grandpa at c & rsquo; is nice. J & rsquo; so loves the 11th, places like that there aa every street corner.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

Robe de tennis, pull american apparel, sandales monop (mourantes), bag H&M

Episode depressed while watching these pictures, I do not know if c & rsquo; is my foundation bidet or white dress that makes my office in the roundel aujourd & rsquo; hui. My tan s & rsquo; the trunk is made – Casper is back.

Or c & rsquo; is the lipstick that has a little white snow effect… We will say that c & rsquo; it is !

Truce whining, I think I & rsquo; have found my holding back to school, with a pleated skirt *, a blue sweater like j & rsquo; love and my sandals combo / leather bag (proof that & rsquo; one can have a fashion blog and always emphasize the same accessories 2 bullets, not need & rsquo; be Cresus to undermine). With my hair good girl the account is good for me girlfriends at recess.

*Which is actually a vintage dress offered by a friend (MERCIIII !) but as c & rsquo; is somewhat a last piece for me the pretty tennis dress, I still eyeing top in shops, So you will find a simple here, a hook there with sleeves, ou encore a white pleated skirt here.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles