Outfits by Alix

I know that & rsquo; you could not see very well my dress in the photos posted Monday, So here a little rab, with pictures taken by Alix – so talented and demanding photo (This girl is crazy, at 8am it was still ask us in gardens and machine-gunned like crazy despite the fatigue).

I don & rsquo; have not given too much detail on the dress, but we had cheated : c & rsquo; 19th was a dress brought up to 18th thanks to cart I wore underneath by small fairy l & rsquo; workshop farthingales. The n & rsquo; is not that uncomfortable than that because the frames are flexible, c & rsquo; is just difficult to travel when n & rsquo; no carriage ^^

J & rsquo; my understanding that this carnival you had rained, j & rsquo; s hope you & rsquo; & rsquo opportunity; participate s & rsquo; there is the other & rsquo; next year. Promised, Here we go back very quickly to another century :)

Carnival dress-de Versailles

Dress nineteenth – Workshop farthingales

Do not thank me for the company Creole risk trotter in your head all day : c & rsquo; is gift!

Tomorrow I realize a kind of dream girl : go to a costume party with a beautiful princess dress, a real, d & rsquo; time *. And not n & rsquo; any ball as c & rsquo; is Carnival Versailles, at the castle. YEAH !

J & rsquo;'ve seen Marie Antoinette Sofia Coppola for & rsquo; occasion, j & rsquo; am tempted to converse roses under my dress for fun, but I & rsquo; have not (It has ! c & rsquo; was very interesting !)

I do not mind it, as anachronistic detail j & rsquo; have my gun slung it will be charming ! (j & rsquo; thought to hide it under my dress, where you can put in & rsquo; comfortable a duffel bag full width of the saw cart, risk but I & rsquo; have a not very natural approach…). I bring you lots of pictures promised !


? With the best riders ?

Hihaaaaa j & rsquo; have full aches and feet but all is well. J & rsquo; have since banana 2 days, thanks to all the kind messages of & rsquo; birthday received since Saturday (thank you) and also thanks to the best night of the & rsquo; year : the Surpat’ bal de promo Friday night.

Imagine men in suits, leaning on the bar so mad men, girls with dresses that turn, du twist et du rock’n roll, in one of the prettiest rooms Paris. Pretty awesome, it was like the magic of dancing mermaid, with some unfortunate lookes not as a Marty McFly just down from his Delorean.

It n & rsquo; there is not enough fancy dress in Paris, c & rsquo; is a pity ! Spend the evening to prepare before with friends & rsquo; go dancing c & rsquo; really nice. J & rsquo; desire for that many Londoners !

For the & rsquo; OCCAZ j & rsquo; had pulled my tutu dress, embellished with a few slips (whaaaa it keeps warm her mother), gloves vintage family, the large knot ponytail knot, and ballerinas to dance up & rsquo;. in the morning *

C & rsquo; was perfect, strongly next ! (For those who missed it, you can improvise a surpat’ home with compilations of the Kgibi & rsquo; s sur soundcloud).

*Au passage : lots of kisses to readers who m & rsquo; shyly said hello to Surpat & rsquo;, I don & rsquo; never have anything intelligent to respond well when you come talk to me but the heart is !

Photo Edwood