collapsed panam

That's a good excuse to get out much undermined, moreover in stewardess & rsquo; air !

Surpat of my buddies yet found a nifty theme with the Panam (after le bal de promo, James Bond and years sweets).

Then adjusts its prettiest navy suit, his badge with a golden eagle, his little hat, his white gloves, her scarf, her lipstick and her prettiest smile to board the flight 0622.

Gentlemen, if I may, the Surpats are populated with pretty girls skirts, to the wise…

Saturday 23 A June Café
From 18h in the gardens and at 21:30 in the chapel


The iphone rangefinder on photojojo

Enfin “Gizmon” rather, but Gizmo c & rsquo; is cuter. C & rsquo; is the name of my new iphone case, I know, I spend my money n & rsquo; anyhow.

J & rsquo; have therefore turned my iphone Small retro phone, I think I became fully calibrated and if this kind of & rsquo; object exists c & rsquo; is that our world is doomed. But it is s & rsquo; cares.

What is this for : nothing if n & rsquo; is showing off with friends, the trigger really used to take pictures and one can look through the viewfinder, it works almost.

I l & rsquo; have ordered with 3 small brilliant goals that allow me to do now Macro and real zoom (digital zoom of & rsquo; iphone sucks). I don & rsquo; have not tested in good conditions but it will not be long, if you're interested, Anne so had really convincing tests.

Why all of this ? Un sage m & rsquo; once said “the best camera c & rsquo; is that that & rsquo; we always have with you”. And c & rsquo; is true. L & rsquo; iphone 4S is very very good pictures when the light is good (in low light it is less malignant) and sometimes I couples pictures iphone SLR and it works great. Du coup, my iphone, I treat the !

If not the misfortune he took you & rsquo; want to do like me, still know that & rsquo; s & rsquo was; great air con with and by calling c & rsquo; is now dead to take pictures of people in the subway screud !

heart sweater 378

The Light Boutique L & rsquo; eye – 4 rue Flatters 75005 PARIS

Occasionally, it happens that & rsquo; we have the & rsquo; impression of being in a movie, live a little enchanted, driven by a magician who makes you discover his universe…

A few weeks ago, I hurried d & rsquo; go to an appointment, nose in my hood to protect me from the cold. I turn rue Flatters, always a bit pressed and then crosses a small shop light that m & rsquo; s a & rsquo; air straight out d & rsquo; a fairy tale. I am so amazed by the window I push the door out of curiosity and came face to face with Mr. Ara, the owner.

I'm a little bit shy, but m & rsquo; welcomes with a big smile then that & rsquo; something he celebrated with friends in the & rsquo; back room. J & rsquo; & rsquo have the d & rsquo impression being in a tale of rue Broca (that n & rsquo; is not far).

I asked him to take pictures board and especially that & rsquo; he tells me that & rsquo; he makes in his cave of wonders before running off to my appointment – delighted.

J & rsquo; Fabien've then dragged with me a few weeks later to spend a very nice moment.

Mr. Ara is passionate, it represents by itself the technical heritage of & rsquo; lighting France. He m & rsquo; may want a little for all the approximations that follow…

It all began in 76, Frankfurt, Mr. Ara 26 years and he finds a lamp on the sidewalk. He brings her home and then repairs that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; yet all the knowledge in this field. He discovers that the flea markets offer little lamps and begins to propose.

After a holiday in France and a romantic encounter, he decided to s & rsquo; install at home and decide d & rsquo; to open his shop lamps various fuels from the late eighteenth century to the early twentieth, repair and recover the missing pieces in order to restore the lamps in their original form.

Few people have this type of work because it involves too many trades. His shop then something d & rsquo; single.

It sells d & rsquo; antique lighting that & rsquo; he repaired or restored to his shop and home collects the British oil lamps from the late 19th, période Oscar Wilde. He advises cinema, for parts and documents for exhibitions, and, it welcomes the curious in his shop with great kindness… A real little museum of the & rsquo; lighting.

I can not tell you all that & rsquo; he showed us in his shop back, operating pulleys, oil wicks and oil lamps before our very eyes (j & rsquo; always have the & rsquo; air corny when you introduced me pretty things). But I advise you & rsquo; go check it out and maybe one day, d & rsquo; buy the famous lamp that sits in his shop since 15 years without anyone s & rsquo; are interested…