Yes Yes, and I & rsquo; assumes full. I know perfectly well that for the rest of the France we are all big con therefore that & rsquo; it is Paris. Yes it is unpleasant, hurry, proud, etc… J & rsquo;'ve heard a lot of little niggles for us Parisians, but believe me, there are mitigating factors….

> Unpleasant : “ouaiiiis, you saw the mouths you do in the & rsquo; métrooo ?”

I'll teach you a little trick if you want to be alone in Paris, moreover if you are female : to mouth, it protects you. When I & rsquo; have landed in my province for m & rsquo; to Paris, j & rsquo; was all perky, nice, constantly smiling, in the street, the Metro…. Error, c & rsquo; is a ball magnet, glue pots, stuffed with guys, nice to sick sucks, draggers in 2 under… After m & rsquo; to be followed by moult gritty old guy, m & rsquo; to be caught by the leg of the sick and have more & rsquo; once freaked out like never, j & rsquo; I decided that I too, j & rsquo; d had the right & rsquo; be quiet, j & rsquo; have therefore adopted “the mouth”. Depuis, oddly, my eyes and my mouth killer in bowl pushes these hecklers far, as bas, to these innocent smiling, and I am very cushy, toc !

> Pressed : “but you have not you, to run left in escalators pushing everyone”

Ah but my good lady, be pressed n & rsquo; is not the issue, I just flatly refuses to stand still on conveyor belts and escalators like a calf that & rsquo; one leads to the & rsquo; slaughterhouse. If you want to stay there, lifeless on the right, free to, we all have the right & rsquo; have a little bit of slack, but I, it makes me my p & rsquo; tit sports day d & rsquo; climb the steps of the great & rsquo; escalator, I n & rsquo; have no pity for beggars that do not arise right, like grandpas on the left lane to 80 on a national : “Pardooooonnn !!” (that Parisian asshole language, not to say excuse me, but”get out of there”). Ok, I confess, it could be a little softer, but when c & rsquo; every morning is the same, I lose my patience (I hit me at least 4 escalators). And yes, it is unbearable so we speed, but frankly, Metro me, faster j & rsquo;'m better I feel out, I'm not there to m & rsquo; marvel at the ceramics and d & rsquo; have a sensitive nose, sorry.

> Proud : “but you are not ridiculous to believe you came out of the thigh of Jupiter just because you live in Paris”.

Pardon ? Qu & rsquo; a sheep-je ? That & rsquo; I hear ? The Parisian is the fart ? So, ok, some j & rsquo; admit. But to have done a little tour of France l & rsquo; last year, I can assure you that & rsquo; there's a lot of areas where people are proud to live, and they claim the high and strong. I do not see where is the harm… I live in Paris, j & rsquo; love my city, and if there is one it bothers, too bad for him. And have recently made a tour in the south and have suffered repeated valves for a week with a lot of “ouaiiiis you Parisian, gna gna gna”, I can assure you that n & rsquo; surely is not me who needed reminding all 2 minutes that I & rsquo; Paris was.

Far from me the & rsquo; want to start a small squabble province / paris , I just wanted to put some points on the “i”, because & rsquo; n & rsquo it; is not that assholes….