Houlaaa, busy aujourd & rsquo program; hui friend ! These corners there is the temple of fashion, nice restaurant and the pretty little streets.

We had spent our 2 first days in the Lower east side (which is really a very nice neighborhood) then go install the rest of us stay in West Village. J & rsquo; had a crush on this district and its small streets on a human scale, during my first stay and I really wanted to stay there (oui, I know, j & rsquo; have expensive tastes). J & rsquo; d had & rsquo; but first sought apartment, really not located in the corner that I wanted, j & rsquo; was done by the book abington guesthouse conseillée par graffiti. Not really super cheap plane (because c & rsquo; was pricey) but I & rsquo; loved.


The rental was ideal, in a street full of cool shops, in front of & rsquo; a great dinner we went to fatten us each morning, at the intersection of Bleecker street and 5 minutes of the 14th street subway. J & rsquo; love the B&B because it s & rsquo; it feels a bit like home : we have a key to the house and it n & rsquo; there is no reception, very different d & rsquo; therefore hotel.

The famous dinner where we were going to binge the morning s & rsquo; calls the candy – 28 8th avenue, apparently quite famous address, authentic hyper with Formica tables and service to small onions. C & rsquo; was not expensive at all and really super good : french toasts (French toast brioche), banana pancakes, chocolat chip pancakes, blueberry pancakes, bagel with creamcheese, homemade lemonade…etc. The menu is quite impressive. Par contre, if you need a place for a small refined dej go your way (gaffe and the milk shake… Super indigestible !).







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For owls shops had all d & rsquo; just opposite the first release that sold amount of US and international magazine : Casa magazines – 22 8th avenue (If you have forgotten your glamor, Go for it :), an impressive vintage shop (but expensive) : Cherry – 17 8th avenue, a chocolate bar with super delicious chocolates : chocolate bar – 19 8th avenue, a card shop and rather funny quirks : house of cards & curiosities – 23 8th avenue, and The ink pad – 22 8th avenue, where & rsquo; we find all the stamps and inks of the earth to decorate her beautiful letters. Also close, there were very cool little restaurant but that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; not tested (parties still on the loose) Spent – 47 8th Avenue that had the & rsquo; super good air Mary’s fish camp – 64 charles st (close on Sunday, only day d & rsquo was attempted; go).




~ A good small chocolate glazed coconut ! ~

It c & rsquo; was for the surroundings of our guesthouse, pfiou ! (let j & rsquo; have not set any). We walked a lot in the small streets of the neighborhood, to chance that I & rsquo; assouvisse my thirst pictures :D





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Often pushing up & rsquo; to Greenwich where there is a little deli that & rsquo; we loved : Lassi – 28 greenwich avenue (to take away) and a lovely stationery : Greenwich letterpress – 39 christopher street.



One day he took us to all Bleecker Street, the famous street. Bad… Unless you absolutely want to want to spend at Marc Jacobs and souvenir shop cheapos plastoc and magnolia bakery (beautiful showcase anyway). J & rsquo; did some nice pictures, but overall, the Street shops didn & rsquo; not packed.




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We don & rsquo; were not very far from Meatpacking District, district Cheros creators, restos “connected”. See because the shops are beautiful, but if you count shopper, must budget ! I went to the Matthew Williamson store for I & rsquo; had loved the London, this one was just as mind blowing, bright, luxuriant… To see so, but hey there I n & rsquo; have no photos because of course c & rsquo; was forbidden :)


I realize I don & rsquo; have not taken many pictures in meatpacking except on the high line. Rhaaaa la high line, c & rsquo; is a beautiful walk along the banks of & rsquo; boo, a superb job of redevelopment d & rsquo; an ancient line of freight trains years 30, it n & rsquo; is not in all the guidebooks since it opened in June 2009, there are so few tourists :) C & rsquo; is a great place to make a small dinner at sunset : we will take a trip to chelsea market for s & rsquo; buy good things and we are going to land on a wooden deckchair on the high line.








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Le chelsea market ! I'll put it there, with the meatpacking district because even if c & rsquo; is chelsea, c & rsquo; is right next. Still a very nice job of & rsquo; archi : c & rsquo; is a long gallery lined with d & rsquo shops, very nice food (Place the lobster and sushi, miaaaam), definitely worth a visit.



Enfin, for the good yum in meatpacking was carefully avoided Pastis (not know me, trendy places where you have A-BSO-LU-MENT go c & rsquo; not my thing), and s & rsquo; is made a little brunch one morning 5ninth Flo where we had taken during my first trip to NYC.



Some great neighborhoods for walking and eating well :)