Firmly seated in comfortable armchairs of the tearoom where we gave appointment Céline m’attend, j’ai 10 minutes later I hate it. Arriving I wonder how I'll recognize – we did not seen before – I m & rsquo; s & then about to rsquo; call.

C & rsquo; is where I see behind the glass, she turns and gives me a big smile, j & rsquo; always forget that & rsquo; just people to come on this blog to know what I look like. I know it & rsquo; m is it because it & rsquo; had warned “I only wear bright colors”, and actually I'm not disappointed with the trip !

J & rsquo; thereupon, Order a jasmine tea and a slice of pie lemon meringue – which only the Dormouse into the teapot to the secret – to share with Celine and we start to chat.

2 weeks ago, I sent him an email because I had much desire to meet ! Continue reading