Here is the recipe for Tiramisu :

All d & rsquo; first ingredients :
– 6 eggs with yolks from whites separated,
– 250g de mascarponne,
– 250g de ricotta,
– a packet of vanilla sugar,
– big biscuits (what line the bottom of the dish and an additional layer),
– 8 tablespoons icing sugar,
– 1 or 2 tablespoon brown sugar,
– cold coffee,
– a pinch of salt,
– and cocoa for decoration.

Then, mix the yolks with the sugar until & rsquo; to obtain a foaming texture.
Then add the ricotta and mascarpone. When c & rsquo; is creamy you can stop mix.
Beat the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt.
Stir cheese whites slowly to & rsquo; & rsquo aid; spatula ; you will get a nice cream.
It remains that & rsquo; to dip quickly biscuits in coffee and arrange in the bottom of & rsquo; a large flat. Then put a layer of cream biscuits and again. Finish with a final layer of cream. You must then let rest your tiramisu prepared in about 4 hours in the refrigerator. Relating to cocoa, it must be put at the last minute, when serving units.
As a note for fussy people : I do not put d & rsquo; alcohol in my tiramisu I know thank you.

Good tasting.

EDIT : For the Fruit Version, you replace coffee by grout (strawberry, raspberry … like you want) and you add red fruits in the intermediate layer and on top for decoration.



As I l ​​& rsquo; I said a few days ago, at home I'm Tony Michelli. I m & rsquo; therefore occupies dishes, household and often also of the kitchen. You understand, I am a student and n & rsquo; therefore have much to do with my days !

The meanie, that m & rsquo; has long cooked mozzarella-tomato cream and other turkey cutlets, is therefore very glad to come home and put your feet under the table. So we're a couple of these models : the woman works and reports in and & rsquo; man remains at home. I advise d & rsquo; also great friends of our marketing program to review the advertising because the housewives under 50 years tends to be a large has-been !

All that to say that the riddle was a detail of & rsquo; one of my (trop) Many pasta dishes. J & rsquo; would also like to tell you about my tiramisu (I have had many requests) : I refines the recipe every time I do it, Basic recipe comes from my great friend Marmiton ! However, now I'm just in search of & rsquo; inspiration : I type in & rsquo; the search tab 2-3 main ingredients that I & rsquo; d have available to & rsquo; have an idea of ​​flat and then I manage. I don & rsquo; there know anything flavors (how to mix sweet and salty-bitter-acid), So I do my dishes for testing and can not give you any advice. En revanche, I can assure you c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; the dish is very important : it determines much of the pleasure that & rsquo; we will eat the dish. Must therefore :
– Put differently colored food (rouge, vert, yellow…..)
– Do not mix the sauce when you make a nice pasta dish (even a very good Bolognese may look like an old wreath !)
– Arrange harmoniously in the food & rsquo; plate: a big pile never gives really want.
– Heat some plates : when you have several people to serve, time and have all your little grub is cold !
– Put ice in the freezer!!! (wild strawberry Berthillon Fondue c & rsquo; is a sin Madam Wicked !)
– Having a little time. C & rsquo; & rsquo sure that; it does not prepare a good meal 5 seconds but c & rsquo; is so much better than those of junk food all prepared in which they put everything and n & rsquo; anything (trust me, j & rsquo; have recently had to learn a list of & rsquo; food additives, you know E…; eg E334 c & rsquo; is & rsquo; tartaric acid !).

Waiting, visit my little gallery and good appetite. N & rsquo; please give me ideas recipes.