Yahaa, c’est la week end, c & rsquo; is & rsquo; time p & rsquo; tit easy ticket, mess, written as it comes :) Not that d & rsquo; usually I spend writing heuuuuures (is not messing), but notes ptite bazaar c & rsquo; is also a way to talk about everything and n & rsquo; anything loose, and thus deliver good tidbits.

D & rsquo; & rsquo j first, wanted to share with you the & rsquo; & rsquo j excitement; I felt my receiving little cards moo of evil : hiiiiiiiiii !! I find this simply brilliant Service, simple and quality. The first test with these cards is a real success (and cheap, 15 the euro 100 Cards !), I feel I'm about to let go completely and order stickers, ditto ditto postcards. By the way, SINCE & rsquo; there is that do you think of these cards ptites ? I used all the tests that I & rsquo; did for the banner and suddenly I wonder if the lil couple in bed would be better instead of nasty spiteful that sits at the top of my blog. That & rsquo; as you think ?

Without transition, I absolutely share with you a cheesecake recipe that kills discovery on internet. Good ah, j & rsquo; j admits there & rsquo; I cheated on the photo, c & rsquo; is the taste of cheesecake served & rsquo; anniversary of the little fashion gallery. Not because it was good mine, but the shares were moderately or even lurk (oui, with a “e” perfectly, c & rsquo; s how it s & rsquo; writing) same limit not presentable : the cookie that sticks to the bottom of the dish and resists me, gniiiiiiii !! Bref, if the recipe is extra, hyper simple, and it costs nothing. Yes, because the one that & rsquo; invented is a sacred maline : as the REAL recipe made with philadelphia cream cheese that lack our French stores, but that & rsquo; we can find for a cheap arms, she found a totally unexpected ingredient approaching : the kind spreads from home leader price ! Then quickly whisked find the recipe on the blog kitchen “c & rsquo; s & is I who rsquo; did” (but this woman lies…).

Voilou, c & rsquo; is, be wise, I go to the & rsquo; abroad this weekend (c.a.d en province….. rholaaaa if you can make her more Parisian bitch !)..