Le Ralph’s – 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006

Hier c’était thanksgiving, “turkey day”, day turkey in good French. A celebration that remains a bit obscure for me as I struggle to understand their meaning (thank the Indians for their help before exterminate all, c & rsquo; that's about it commemorates the holiday anyway…).

But I & rsquo; like because & rsquo; we eat turkey, mashed sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Double yum.

J & rsquo; so I took the & rsquo; usually celebrate two years in American restaurants. L’an dernier c’était au Breakfast in America (which also organizes parties for the super bowl c & rsquo; s cool), and this year, chicest, j & rsquo; was at Ralph & rsquo; s.

J & rsquo; s already had & rsquo; & rsquo opportunity; eat a few months ago and I & rsquo; s had adoooooré & rsquo; ambience “old American college”, preppy, gossip girl. Limit if you do s & rsquo; not expected to tumble Blair Waldorf between two glasses of champagne.

The restaurant is super good (very few dishes to choose, but d & rsquo; finesse), and even if c & rsquo; is quite expensive you can catch up on the small courtyard for a drink nestled in a large sofa and rolled into a plaid (ATTENTION GOOD gentlemen to impress your sweetheart).