Because I have to be right now doing this hell to live my fiancé, REDIF d & rsquo; one of my favorite posts…

The relou of the beach is a specimen that is easily recognized : she smiled slightly less, and is scowling in his corner with a magazine which is most of the time his only companion, while the others are playing rackets, volley, gambol in the waves, swim laughing.
The beach sucks do not like swimming because it is too cold. She tries once to see and be an unsociable : it takes an hour to get wet to the waist and another to go to the shoulders (the head ? You are sick ?) with a lot of small excessive cries and grimaces. Then, it remains ten minutes to wade timidly, worried to djeun's the approach that splash noisily, and death threat anyone try to make him drink the cup. She ends up leaving still grinning, purple lips. Continue reading