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Pull en lurex Asos, Gift pin (so I know d & rsquo; where)

…And blow aaaoout the candlelaaaaaïiiiiight, For tonight is just your night, We’re gonna celebrate,All through the naaaaaïiiiiight

Pour the wine, light the faaaaaiire, Girl your wish is my command, I submit to your demands, I will do anything, Girl you need only ask

I’ll make looooove to yuuuuou, Like you want me to, And I’ll hold you tight, Baby all through the naaaaaïiiiiight !!

Ahem I got a little lost with my title, but I & rsquo; nothing can be, j & rsquo; was a fan when I & rsquo; had 14 years old we not remake. But that & rsquo; is not the subject, aujourd & rsquo; hui j & rsquo; wanted to talk d & rsquo; an even bitch trick (si c’est possible) : glitter !

J & rsquo; started by imagining a kind theme party held, mais ha haaaa ! Since when we need whatsoever for the holidays roll in all that glitters ?

Given that & rsquo; & rsquo it to that, stooping to pick up in sequin shorts this season, j’en use et abuse : a sweater with lurex example here. So l & rsquo; orgy that I & rsquo; I discovered with horror that & rsquo; I missed a glittery varnish to perfect my uniform. I think the girls maintain a relationship almost disturbing with all that glitters (d & rsquo; where success d & rsquo; Edward in Twilight, I do that now strikes).

Short à sequins River Island, derbies Topshop, Miss KG shoes at Asos

I feel that men n & rsquo; were not ready to accommodate this surge this winter glitter.

I almost feel so overwhelmed that & rsquo; it rushes at Zara for s & rsquo; grab the last pair of light Derbies. Promised it will pass (non je mens: never )

P.S : and my 30 years old ? A great opportunity to make a huge party, finally I revivrais well this every weekend :)

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles