– Pull primark, Tabio tights, Caban Etam, H mittens&M, Ash shoes at Asos

It can be said that & rsquo; we move at all while d & rsquo; week to week & rsquo; another. Last week I gambadais tutu, et's, with this cold beggars, j & rsquo; had highlighted the big tights, mittens and ski sweater. MOTHER Pele IL J & rsquo; EN HAVE ENOUGH !

Even if it means not stack the funny clothes I had fun making me a total look. J & rsquo; in fact I noticed that my tights Tabio had exactly the same pattern as my sweater Primark, the world is well say so. I who have always loved outfits j & rsquo; was delighted. Everything worn with boots Terminator my fashion and I & rsquo; was dressed to face the icy wind.

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Go, it will last no one believes it, the small street of Cherry Bars are firmly believes him anyway. I l & rsquo; love this little ?

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