C & rsquo; is weird to say, but the world of fashion didn & rsquo; never too drawn… I didn & rsquo; not feel it in & rsquo; comfortable, not my thing. The Parisian fashion week do not put me in turmoil, I was even scared at a time to find myself despite me near a parade and feel a bit crummy close all these people well undermined.

Yet this morning I & rsquo; d was super happy & rsquo; go see the parade Erotokritos :) J & rsquo; so love this brand and its universe that I left home with a big smile. Few people, a very soft atmosphere, for ages, birds singing as a soundtrack : I m & rsquo; it just felt like a fish in the & rsquo; water.

J & rsquo; really cracked on several pieces : a top with a nice set of folds and a dress with big pockets and letters pattern. A little shy photograph I'm not quite approached me for some macros but as always with the brand the small details that make the difference are waiting for you. A little disappointed only by the seriousness of the colors and models despite the & rsquo; fairytale atmosphere

I realized that despite my visits to the shop every season, I don & rsquo; have not a single part of the brand in my closet. All this makes me want d & rsquo; remedy soon…

Here are some pictures quickly… I'll post all the others tomorrow :)