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Primark vest, cartable Asos (26€), robe vintage, ballerines Topshop

London is my second discovery : a vest very “American academic year” found at Primark.

This shop is crazy : c & rsquo; is immense, good to, neon-lit, the shelves are filled d & rsquo; cheap horrors. And when we search we made great discoveries, happiness to rage on returning girlfriends in fashion bitch : “oh it, I l & rsquo; bought in London last week, 14£” (= Cool and cheap and you l & rsquo; not even shalt c & rsquo; is too far).

Ne mentez pas, we like to do that because all & rsquo; it is all the bitches ptites.

Sinon, you did see, I made you go around the countryside in Paris. C there & rsquo; is at number 27 Street Montreuil. With a portal, paved driveway and flowers, it's like a little granny and grandpa at c & rsquo; is nice. J & rsquo; so loves the 11th, places like that there aa every street corner.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles