Stop someone & rsquo; one in the street to draw the portrait… This is an exercise I n & rsquo; had never dared to do as I am (oddly) shy. He m & rsquo; often happened d & rsquo; being hit by a face or a character drawn but never oh great I would never have me stop risky someone & rsquo; a. I do not even do it when I burn to know where a girl has found her boots and her pretty little coat when I then crossed for a portrait you can imagine…

But as I don & rsquo; not like to stay on this kind of & rsquo; personal failure I enrolled in une Lense Special portrait weeks ago, perhaps to finally launch me : c & rsquo; is perhaps easier watching others do.

C & rsquo; was a beautiful Saturday, it was mild, everyone had the & rsquo; inspired air and happy in the streets of the capital, c & rsquo; was well gone. Looking at some stop passersby in the most total relaxation I realized that I & rsquo; was very stupid not to dare, eventually people are rather flattered that & rsquo; proposed to photograph.

And then there was this girl, stopped by one of my teammates, j & rsquo;'ve found her face so mischievous that I don & rsquo; could not resist, I asked him to get up to the light and I & rsquo; have photographed. Continue reading