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Beginning of October, I went with some friends towards the & rsquo; Italy for a very beautiful wedding. C & rsquo; Funny how these little events make us age, we say goodbye to housemates buddies, couples s & rsquo; install, d & rsquo; others wait babies ptits… But I digress.

J & rsquo; have discovered a corner of & rsquo; absolutely sublime Italy : Ancona, New port, Sirolo. Close to the sea, postcards streets, Small grocery stores to fall, pizza to buffalo mozzarella, good wine…

The n & rsquo; d is not obvious & rsquo; there from Paris, you have to take a plane to Bologna and then rent a car, or take a sleeper train. but worth the trip, I highly recommend for a romantic weekend !

Lots of kisses to newlyweds.

? Voir toutes les photos ?

? Voir toutes les photos ?