It is a daughter of blog here ? Not because that & rsquo; it lacks something crucial on this blog, these conversations that & rsquo; girls were bound when these gentlemen are absent, or when a male has had the bad idea to stay there, alone, curious that & rsquo; he was to discover that the girls had so exciting to tell. You do not see ? Mais si, there are malignant following since the beginning thanks to the title, merci ! Yes c & rsquo; is serious, here we never talked hair, mince !

Well then d & rsquo; j First & rsquo; & rsquo will like that; it is just between girls, thank you gentlemen tomorrow ciao !

J & rsquo; have say out kind of little curious, you do not even know what you're going to inflict on your eyes, after you gonna cry blood. Bon ben not mean that you can & rsquo; t we & rsquo; not warn young man !

So then, why I & rsquo; feel like talking hair aujourd & rsquo; hui ? Well because I'm m & rsquo; rid of it and it's been awfully good. Bzzzz ! shlarck ! I'm atomize laser shot and they make less proud these little rascals, believe me ! So I said it might be interested in, since j & rsquo; I myself come a number of female blogs before I.

At the beginning, j & rsquo; was somewhat in limbo : what do I do ? The total ? All d & rsquo; a sudden and then we n & rsquo; speaks more ? I go where ? At my friend Dermato ? In one of these centers we do that to the chain ? It hurts ? Are crucial questions…

To see, I d & rsquo; first went to a specialized center where the prices are unbeatable a quotation (j & rsquo; love that this term & rsquo; they use, j & rsquo; imagine the girl who searches the hairs one by one and announce the invoice, as for a technical control while c & rsquo; s just a rate discussion). What a mistake !! J & rsquo; still dreaming… Me all that I'm prudish, I found myself in the office & rsquo; questionable dermatologist, fat and sweating, who started talking to me the shirt, giving me a bunch of small pictures n & rsquo; sparing no detail as raw as they are (…) I was looking how m & rsquo; flee and especially how not to answer questions. Oui, I am a real little ridiculous and holy hypocrite but I n & rsquo; nothing can be, I do not show my skunk (Colette Renard to thank you for this lovely word) n & rsquo; anyone (j & rsquo;'ve put more & rsquo; one to tolerate my beautician) I n & rsquo; not have any desire d & rsquo; talk with a stranger, he is also a doctor. First experience : failed.

And I & rsquo; have decided to start smoothly, by the legs just, so I can watch and see the strokes happen laser. J & rsquo; have so dark with my dermatologist friend who m & rsquo; announced that c & rsquo; was top, my skin was perfect for laser : yeaaahh bidet my complexion finally pulled out of the game !

So, I'm not going to hide, it hurts, fucking & rsquo; s mother ! And yet I am not a cozy, I never flinch in the & rsquo; beautician. En plus, I smell a pig burned throughout the session, j & rsquo; & rsquo have the; printing disintegrate me by inches. I grit my teeth, my sweaty palms s & rsquo; print on the bench, I grimace throughout the session : not at all glam. Never believe a girlfriend who will tell you that it does not matter at all, and flee the doctor who will prescribe an anesthetic for all legs, this madman wants to kill you, Faith pharmacist bride.

I see you sink into your chair and pinball, you who l & rsquo; intention to launch you. Z & rsquo; not worry, it lasts not even half an hour and c & rsquo; is a lifetime investment. En plus, it works the fire god, j & rsquo;'m at 3 sessions and they have almost all packed up I am a free woman !

I left that & rsquo; find the courage & rsquo; go jersey, mais là, c & rsquo; the string is taut c & rsquo; is the case to say, I do not know if I will endure… Change’ Turkey will !

Y a d & rsquo; others who have tested or who want to start ?