birthday candles

Almost all my relatives were born in the month & rsquo; October, I spend my weekends d & rsquo; birthdays and anniversaries in which I am not, however, slightly cynical family and on the edges, j & rsquo; love it.

J & rsquo; whispering love just to talk about the discrete group gift, my little grandma who calls us by making psssssst from the kitchen for that & rsquo; one comes to the candles on the cake, when we turned off all the lights to sing all by heart.

I am always very moved at this time, when singing, c & rsquo; is a small parenthesis, c & rsquo; is false, but sincere, everyone smile. J & rsquo; & rsquo like that; it is all around there & rsquo; a table, that & rsquo; it rekindles the spark plugs without stopping to take pictures, as that made the cake merges apologize because he never seems to him quite well…

C & rsquo; is always the same scenario, j & rsquo; like these rituals ?