The Last Shadow Puppets – Meeting place

After the town hall, we took the opportunity to s & rsquo; eclipse with my now husband while everyone was leaving lil Wood, just curious that & rsquo; they were finally see this place which had both spoken to them.

So was spun in the green Twingo of my little grandma with Marianne, towards the fields and the forest around to take pictures of us.

And c & rsquo; was a really great moment. After the whirlwind of the Town Hall, c & rsquo; was the time to ask us together, d & rsquo; enjoy the quiet of the countryside, Stars and playing under the crackling of & rsquo; Marianne device.

J & rsquo; was afraid that & rsquo; we have the & rsquo; look great fools both pretend to run in the fields or to make us kisses under the trees. I, who had always hated the fronts of Rambouillet wedding photographers, with the bride stroking a horse, married over a small bridge, married on a bench, j & rsquo; hoping very hard that & rsquo; n & rsquo it, would not l & rsquo; look as pie.

Mais Marianne, it is too strong ! Merci Marianne.

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… to be continued