Asos Wig, Sun seam tights, robe Asos – Photos taken by l & rsquo; Hotel Le Crayon afterwards Exquisite Sketch

Voilà voilà, Monday confession : since I was a kid I fantasize to death purple hair. Finally PARMA to be precise !

Sequelae of early childhood and my admiration for Athena (oui, I know everyone hated)(if anything to do but I & rsquo; Hyôga team was pretty and you ?)(Shiryu c & rsquo; was not possible)(in fact I & rsquo; I want to talk about the knights of the zodiac…).

I m & rsquo; astray… All that to say that I & rsquo;'ve finally met my girl fantasies me this wig commander. J & rsquo; did a little leap seeing Asos, j & rsquo; had a costume party a few weeks after j & rsquo; thus had a concrete excuse to make it mine hahahaaaaaaaaa.

Now fortunately I'm healthy d & rsquo; spirit, otherwise I would wear it every day and I would lose all my friends. D & rsquo; otherwise j & rsquo; I may have lost all my readers out, return !

Photos Eleonore Bridge avec Fabien Gilles