Perfecto Make my lemonade, short Asos, T-shirt Zara, sandales Asos

A few weeks ago, j & rsquo; met a super nice girl holding with great talent un blog I like.

C & rsquo; was at the office, to do a project with Un Beau Jour. When I l & rsquo;'ve seen happen with his little perfecto blue sky I thought whaaaaaa but l & rsquo; bought that thing where ???

Lisa l & rsquo; bought anywhere, she l & rsquo; has made her white hands. Better, it has made 10 that & rsquo; it sells limited edition on his little e-shop. J & rsquo; would love to know do the same… j one day & rsquo; would learn !

Sandales Asos

Photos par Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles
Yves Saint Laurent
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I will l & rsquo; have said, I'm a reasonable ultra mega girl on shopping. Tssss no do not yell j & rsquo; s & rsquo have, look like that but I do not spend as much as you think, I am satisfied in general only small dresses and accessories H&M, not the mother to drink spending. I never put a toe in Maje, Sandro and sisters I found overpriced given the quality, which is quite small note you will agree.

But then I got a gift, splurge, a cracking slip… I got paid a small perfecto Yves Saint Laurent, unique show, my favorite vintage shop : Odetta (chuuuut but must not talk too much). J & rsquo; had advised the corresponding d & rsquo; a Chinese magazine this little pearl & rsquo; Paris address for one of his guides and m & rsquo; asked to come and do some photos of outfits in the shop.


– You never quite shows his forearms –

To abet a small coat Isabel Marant, j & rsquo; this puts perfecto without really paying attention. Et là, revelation : j & rsquo; s & have rsquo; & rsquo impression that; it was built for me, I look with giant hearts in his eyes like in manga, I l & rsquo; love, necessary me ! Although its price is downright reasonable given the beast (c & rsquo; is what j & rsquo; like about Odetta, the crazy prices) for me it remains a sacred Purchase, I tried the rest and & rsquo; forget fast fast fast.

L & rsquo; afternoon at home, I bite my bridle at my computer : must j & rsquo; returns there or I'll regret it all my life (pfffff genre, that & rsquo; do not tell me I sometimes…). I resist, I resist, I resist… Ok j & rsquo; stop pretending to resist, je ace, put on my derbies and get out of my running to go get this nice gift : the way I m & rsquo; imagine already solemnly bequeath to my daughter in thirty d & rsquo; year & rsquo tear in; oil. Snif !

And now that I l & rsquo; have, ben… j & rsquo; s & rsquo tries; tame ! I do not control even though the hyper-romantic rock style but it will j & rsquo; mentraîne. Here for example I say that the white socks c & rsquo; was not a super good idea but I'll get there I feel (d & rsquo; as much as I put it to sleep so limits are inevitably some point it'll work).


– Look without the vague, romantic, inspired, j & rsquo; have not seen the & rsquo; camera –


– Actor studio : no no I & rsquo; have not you cold and it will ? –


– Right leg back to let you enjoy my Garrice Derbies from all sides, Robe H&M & j kind rsquo; have not already 12 like this, Perfecto Yves Saint Laurent (Odetta Vintage) Baby d & rsquo; love, Scarf Loft design by that useless since I l you & rsquo; d have said & rsquo;'m not cold ! –