When I & rsquo; have read the first of Roman’Anne so, I remember, j & rsquo; had marked : I hate to give my opinion on the work of & rsquo; a friend, as I can not lie, if I n & rsquo; not like c & rsquo; is stretched. But as it m & rsquo; was delighted, c & rsquo; is stress that I & rsquo; have read the second installment of the adventures of Penelope, j & rsquo; was even looking forward to the & rsquo; open.

I don & rsquo; was not disappointed either, the stories of girls when c & rsquo; is told with lightness, humor and talent like that j & rsquo; would read in kilometers. The little Penelope n & rsquo; has not changed, it is always a little canteen but very endearing, and his Parisian life takes a turn that even funnier in his previous adventures. J & rsquo;'ve read it all as it should : in my bath oils esentielles, in my sofa with tea, and in bed until late at night trying not to wake my boyfriend with my giggle.

Anne also distills so throughout the book some small spikes on the blogosphere and Paris, that have amused me much… I recommend it hotly (as well as “guinea fowl living in Paris” dont I told you and d & rsquo;'ve finally finished and to accompany the adventures of Penelope).