little Star

When little star has decided to launch its own brand, j & rsquo; was the cleat, j & rsquo; expecting that with impatient : l & rsquo; & rsquo announcement; opening sa boutique online was one of first articles this blog.

I think I was one of the first clients, and I can blow me with my donuts badges that were part of the first collections. C & rsquo; was a real pleasure to receive small envelopes roses when I & rsquo; had ordered : j & rsquo; y found my jewelry but also confetti, lollipops shaped hearts, stickers avec cupcakes…etc.

L & rsquo; small star universe is mine : a retro, rose, some geek, sugar, a little English, China, a little 70's, checkered, a bit kawaï : du liberty, rabbits, alice pounds of desmerveilles countries, Girl necklaces, cupcakes…

C & rsquo; is a little moved as I went to his shop near Bastille. La devanture rose me transporte à Portobello road, and the window makes me want to redecorate my apart : “I can say little star stick to you all your furniture ??”.

The miss and his companion are charming, enthusiastic, this shop is their gem, and we feel all their little touches that & rsquo; they put a lot of heart in this place.
J & rsquo; there is a lot of cute things, colliers, robes, adorable items, I squat cabin d & rsquo; fittings, I discuss, I discover a new gem every time my eyes walking through the shelves. ENCHANTING !

Run for it ! C & rsquo; is my big favorite of & rsquo; year.
J & rsquo; y have bought two small things beautiful….to follow tomorrow !

Bird on the wire
2 Street Lesdiguières, 75004 Paris
Bastille Metro (Henri IV output)