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Rhaaaa New york, for me it & rsquo; London is best buds issue : j & rsquo; it is all that I & rsquo; like about the British with lots of extras.

Avec la team Sony, we had the chance & rsquo; go to some places where refined j & rsquo; have discovered the tenderness of US beef flavor and melting pastrami sandwich.

The first night, we ate at Metrazur, located in the Grand Central Terminal. J & rsquo;'m having already eaten the meat very good at my grandmothers living in the countryside and who swear by their respective butchers, j & rsquo; ate there a memorable piece of beef. The restaurant itself is quite nice (j & rsquo; love it when you can see the kitchen), the view of the station hall is beautiful.

The next day we ate at Katz, the legendary delicatessen Harry Met Sally, certainly the & rsquo; or place j & rsquo; have preferred to eat : fat, des pickles, du pastrami (yummmmm), coca pitchers, the cheesecake (rhaaaaa), and full of noise, animated neon counters galore, j’A-DO-RE !

Bon ben I know you, but suddenly I & rsquo;'m hungry, I'll go for a ride in my favorite delicatessen Marsh !!

Before that, I will finish with the best of the best, namely small places where we went with the & rsquo; lovely Flo Sunday. Morning, she made us discover the 5ninth dans le meatpacking district, where we had a delicious brunch outdoors. Forgetting that I & rsquo; already had good belly full of my little dej s & rsquo; hotel, I don & rsquo; could not resist the strawberry pancakes / syrup & rsquo; maple / fresh cream and guacamole. This place is worth a visit, it is right next to & rsquo; a French-style brasserie is the & rsquo; trendy place of the moment.

Between 2 marc Jacobs boutiques we met Magnolia, the famous cupcakes baking cakes and other frozen seen in Sex and the City. J & rsquo; took the opportunity to shoot the pretty pastel-colored frostings and sugar flowers.

The last evening, always with Flo, we had dinner in a lovely place called Bread or d & rsquo; ate a memorable cheesecake. L & rsquo; place was very friendly and warm. Just before I enjoyed myself by buying a small supermarket which seemed to be hyper US : the new recipe oreos, des macaronis with cheese, and a preparation of corn muffins for I & rsquo; had found it delicious to the & rsquo; hotel.

With : macaroni c & rsquo; was yuck, preparing the I & rsquo; have still not tested, and Oreos…….hmmmmmmmmm….A killer who rips his mom : Oreo with Bañadas imagine instead a soft biscuit crispy biscuit… I just regret not taking 10 boxes for c & rsquo; is a pure delight : it m & rsquo; remains 2 leaves, I feel that & rsquo; with my fiance we'll eat them religiously, an advice, buy, bring into thin, monoprix if you m & rsquo; listening, amounts-at !!