la tour eiffel

I will l & rsquo; told there is little : j & rsquo; have a new very nice job that allows me aujourd & rsquo; hui m & rsquo; blossom a little more & rsquo; a creative point of view. Recently, for a customer, j & rsquo; spent a whole day to go for the tourist : I had brought back a bunch of pictures of Paris (the 2 sense).

I do not know if the Parisians in & rsquo; help me understand : but I hate that & rsquo; they take me for a tourist, it n & rsquo; there is nothing that makes me more ashamed. J & rsquo; have a small map of Paris, handy because I do not know all the streets of the capital, either by heart, and I hate having to go out for the day & rsquo;'m afraid that & rsquo; one takes me for an American clueless and that & rsquo; we propose to m & rsquo; show the way. So I always look at my shot a little hidden, against a wall, limit with the plan under wraps (I know, needless to say, c & rsquo; is ridiculous).

Bref, I am a Parisian, and I do not know why, j & rsquo; hope c & rsquo; is written on my forehead. In p & rsquo; tites streets of the 11th c & rsquo; is fastoche, but on the Champ de Mars, the reflex around the neck strafing the Iron Lady, c & rsquo; is immediately more tense for me to play relaxed and blasé Paris. D & rsquo; as much as j & rsquo; did : Our Lady, Saint Michel, the Elysian Fields, Grand Palace, Alexander Bridge 3, concorde, the Louvre, palais royal, place Vendôme, Opéra. C & rsquo; s & rsquo was, hell : they tried to sell me 3 Eiffel tower keyring, 2 flags and scarves to the sound of “miss, half price !!”.
Grrrrrr, already I hate wandering around these corners that are full of bobs, bananas and backpacks (I know I did that & rsquo; a bitch) but then there c & rsquo; was the pompom, j & rsquo; was a tourist spot. J & rsquo; have ended up doing the & rsquo; autistic and I & rsquo;'ve finished my photos groaning inwardly like a granny. Then enjoy the result (a little blah d & rsquo; admit, but there was a lot of sun and I do not know yet manage this kind of light), it m & rsquo; has cost !

Voir toutes les photos.