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Robe vintage Lacoste, Derbies Asos, Sunglasses Asos, Market basket, Zara vest

Many people hate Paris. They have a rather gray image, and & rsquo; imagine populated by unpleasant people who draw the face all day.

The n & rsquo; is not always false…

And yet, there are so nice hidden places that even we, Paris, will discover that & rsquo; sparingly. C & rsquo; in the case of the passage of the & rsquo; anchor, that I & rsquo; found out about the wonderful blog and if walking around in Paris. Run by Audrey, a lover of the capital and talented photographer, who enjoys his job hunter d & rsquo; apartments to discover beautiful hidden places. His blog is a d & rsquo mine, yet you want to discover a secret and colorful Paris.

J & rsquo; have therefore followed his footsteps in this small passage, dressed & rsquo; a tennis vintage dress bought in Brooklyn (okay I am fired up two seconds) with my basket of spring. Seeing these pictures I think of plunging my head in a bucket of & rsquo; self tanner…

Photos par Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

The pencil, 25 Rue du Bouloi – 75001 Paris

L You & rsquo; have already seen in the ticket dedicated to My hair delirium : the pencil is a charming small hotel in the heart of Paris which is kind of my favorite this year.

I often to test for the needs of hotels mon city guide (I live in Paris, So I don & rsquo; d not have & rsquo; go – implacable logic) and many of you wonder when you come to the slopes in our beloved capital.

J & rsquo; have so enjoyed this little paradise that I & rsquo; wanted to share it with you : des Meubles Chinese, work d & rsquo; really nice and unexpected illustration, an ambiance “like home” when that & rsquo; one enters the small hall. The little dej (a description may be, but I j & rsquo; it places great importance) is perfect, soon served on a large table & rsquo; guests. There are rooms from € 85, Paris center for c & rsquo; is a real good place.

P.S : that goes without saying, s it & rsquo; acts NO EVENT d & rsquo; a sponsored item, c & rsquo; is well to remember from time to time but I don & rsquo; never do.

blue vest
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Jupe American apparel, Asos shoes, collants Dim (monop), Angel and Zara jackets, sac Longchamp

Another little secret tower in a building… It will eventually driven into the lodges of all the guardians of Paris with Fabien. WANTED.

But we are lazy big, preferred rabouler randomly somewhere without asking & rsquo; authorization. I know, c & rsquo; is detestable, I would be the first to moan if we did that in my backyard.

Bref. While strolling street Charonne is a bit Melrose Place had spotted this building in style but without the cinepi. With d & rsquo studios; archi, de design, a dance room, a concert hall (The lodge)… An elevator hoist with 20kg door as in gangster movies.

A real decor in & rsquo; in short US. Mais version 75011 you see.

And if j & rsquo; took out my color chart of the season : Navy blue, camel, beige. J & rsquo; have handed tights crying yet, and to think of the & rsquo; summer, j & rsquo;'ve tied my cashmere cardigan as would a small Cagole with his T-shirt.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles