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Il y a 2 semaines, j & rsquo; I nearly smacking 75$ in a pair of tights. And I & rsquo; have been reasonable (WHILE FUCKING THESE TIGHTS !!!!!). Since I look at my dressing room, telling me that I don & rsquo; have nothing to wear, my life without those tights n & rsquo; is nothing…

But not as, I will not put 75 10g balls in lycra, j & rsquo; tried to postpone my obsession a little higher, the shorts worn by the girl flowers. Voilà, I want a flower shorts. Would ! Asos !

I can resume normal activity.

Photos par Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles
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J & rsquo; adoooore weather at this time, c & rsquo; is a joy for s & rsquo; dress !

– It's raining a little but not all day, which allows me to get out my collection of umbrellas (j & rsquo; have recently lost one with an English flag that was sublime, j & rsquo; in chialerais).

– It is mild, useless to play for onions & rsquo; time, no need to multiply the layers of clothing, I feel l & rsquo; comfortable under my coat.

– L & rsquo; air is cool, my skin is very white, and my cheeks slightly pink, much better than when I was a ruddy l & rsquo; summer !

– It n & rsquo; there is no wind, My nemesis, I can spend a quiet day without fearing for my hair.

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– Caban Etam, robe American apparel, Elsa boots –

Par contre, j & rsquo; reluctant exiting the morning, jacket or vest not ? We don & rsquo; no easy lives you know we dindasses, one has hard questions to ask every day !

Seeing the pictures I realize that this little look that I & rsquo; liked that day finally just missed, not very balanced and not too flattering. But if we don & rsquo; has more right to be wrong !



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And if you went for a walk on the waterfront recently ? This starts dating a few weeks but a very particular picture setup between the Pont de Sully and Pont Louis Phillippe : huge eyes stare at you from the decks and docks. Most images were torn (we are still in Paris, we have a reputation to maintain assholes) but worth the trip. You will find all the information about this project JR Art the site of the & rsquo; artist.


Small tour last week toward the cheap, in the small park where an old school ride with tail mickey and other wooden horses, like j & rsquo; love.

No & rsquo; specific dress effortlessly, just my good old jeans uniform, blue shirt, black jacket boots and leather bag.

I do not know why, but c & rsquo; is this blend of colors that I & rsquo; loves the most, c & rsquo; is a bit my ideal.

Simple et un peu old school, I think that & rsquo; in fact c & rsquo; is what I like, those colors that resemble those of & rsquo; uniform.

I miss more that & rsquo; a small coat of arms, but in the meantime, c & rsquo; is pan pan that sticks to my heart (Rhooo yes, I need to talk to you about my p & rsquo; tite collective pine & rsquo; s…then soon !).

– Etam shirt, bottes AM mode, sac vintage century, jacket and umbrella H&M –