The COS is my little pants bought last week, I promised you pictures, here's :)

It is always well cut, although I realize on the photos I wear too high hair and it n & rsquo; is not really happy for the silhouette (j & rsquo; trying to compensate for the excessive length of tissue that needs a good hem). J & rsquo; when I've completely cracked the & rsquo; tried, so much so that I don & rsquo; have not noticed that & rsquo; it was partly in linen and that I & rsquo; therefore would have to put me to ironing to wear it : flute, Me désespérante housewife I do not know what to do :D

I bought her a companion at the same time : a nice striped T-shirt 3/4 soft I left more. You m & rsquo; have repeatedly asked the price of the pants, I put m & rsquo; remember more. I remember that for all j & rsquo; had had for € 100.





– COS pants and T-shirt, monoprix scarf, compensées new look, Greenhouse accessorize head –

? See the photos in larger ?