breakfast Pooh-marshmallow box

I do not often talk about brands for which working in my agency, but then c & rsquo; was too tempting ! This small box designed by cubs marshmallows Life in Pink and designed by Mzelle Fraise is a marvel : it contains a chocolate family, papa, Mom and all children.

If you look closer, you will see all the & rsquo; history of the teddy bear on the canvas inspired marshmallow box of Jouy (more details here at Mzelle Fraise). And these mini baby cubs, your kids will not eat them, impossible, they are too mimis.

I don & rsquo; was not as inspired as Cococerise and Griottes to immortalize, even if I & rsquo; in fact would have a crib !

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You'll find this little marvel at Colette, the large grocery store, and the site real little marshmallow teddy bear.