This is a moment that I & rsquo; d & rsquo feel like, write this post, Story m & rsquo; apologize for the many sins that drag on this blog for a few months. But I l & rsquo;'ve ever written, thanks to M. Do that m & rsquo; handed that in mind this is the last ticket !

Alors voilà, I do not really understand why I & rsquo; as many do these days, the girl proudly bringing its 10/10 dictation at home that I & rsquo; was ashamed of me would. Typo (c hey it & rsquo; is not the more serious), d’usage, et damned : conjugation !!

If you saw my head, when I reread my ticket the day returning at night and that I & rsquo; I want to highlight in red a bunch of & rsquo; horrors. The worst being in LA fault & rsquo; presentation image, j there & rsquo; feel like m & rsquo; run away (d & rsquo; as much as I do so much noted in the comments, I feel like a kid).

So, for typos, j & rsquo; have a concrete alibi : the keyboard of my VAIO is a shit, often zap vowels (you must type as a sick certain keys). But otherwise, I don & rsquo; have nothing to say in my defense, for I & rsquo; have several threads : a say, a browser that highlights mistakes & rsquo; use, and quite a conjugation sites.

The only fault that I & rsquo; arrive at correct at first reading of my post are my usual mistakes. We all have I'm sure, bizarre habits spellers who will not leave us. He m & rsquo; often such mixing plural names / verbs, it gives : or they eat the poulent…La top classe ! I mix French and English as often : Galerie/Gallery >> French in gallery, no class either. And then there are faults without explanation, like “Ballad”, j & rsquo; keep forgetting that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; that there & rsquo; one “L”, je ne sais pas, I find it nicer…(pathetic excuse). Yet I'm unbeatable on the mistakes to be avoided as “dysfunction” taking out a “Y”, Velvet that takes a “S” because Louis XVI venerates too d & rsquo; have a foul had so decided, etc…

So my apologies to those to whom my mistakes hurt the eyes, I goof, but I'm the head & rsquo; air… J & rsquo; that hope & rsquo; s no fault & rsquo; crept in this post..