My manicure girl, oh yeah !

Yes perfectly, I don & rsquo; have not spent the & rsquo; on the contrary age. The n & rsquo; is not 11 years that & rsquo; you could get manicures like this, we don & rsquo; that was the Tippex and fluorescent wingtips to dream.

Now I can have varnishes of all colors without having to do a poo in the nervous monop rays with my mother I m & rsquo; in their hearts and joy (ha ha looks like I just turned 18 years when I say that !)

? Red my fortune cookie (O.P.I) ? Mini shorts (Essie) ? Shorty pants (Essie) ? Shrek (O.P.I) ? Blue Curaço (Mavala)

Lately, I d & rsquo; mood Very rainbow (Finally, I lie not, I d & rsquo; a dog's mood, I go traveling and I & rsquo; have the balls but I & rsquo; have a reputation to maintain blogger Bears).

J & rsquo; what I need colors, and as I n & rsquo;'m afraid of anything, or sleep in the dark, or ridicule I got the manicure with a girlfriend (very soon you will recognize when it has shown his).

I feel that the boys in the office it will look askance as if I & rsquo; dingo was (so that & rsquo; they play at 18h “pan pan t’es mort” “nan j & rsquo; d have risen & rsquo; had a spray” in without complex network) (c & rsquo; is zero boys).

But m & rsquo; cares j & rsquo; s & rsquo do; that I & rsquo; veuuuuuux !