St Lucy odland

Santa Lucia – Ödland

To conclude this short week of Lyonnais realized (well almost, there are pictures in development), Here a video d’Ödland, whose concert at NTH8 theater was the main reason for my arrival in the city of Guignol.

I don & rsquo; have no photos of the show (which was worth seeing), with all its chandeliers hanging above the stage, costumes and beautiful atmosphere. But you find all the & rsquo; universe of this small group somewhat apart in videos that & rsquo; they turned this summer when d & rsquo; a journey 5 weeks through the & rsquo; Europe.

So the title Ecseri Piac, “a song for girls because that & rsquo; there is a tutu” Looks like Lorenzo. The largest flea d & rsquo; Europe is located in Budapest.