J & rsquo; there have alluded several times since the beginning of & rsquo; year, and those who follow know : j & rsquo; have a new job since January and it n & rsquo; is not displease me.

I officially longer works for modepass for which j & rsquo; worked as a project leader for launch. Preceded by d & rsquo; d & rsquo other bloggers, I decided to leave the project for reasons I didn & rsquo; not dwell here…
And aujourd & rsquo; hui ? I work in a Agency girls where we see life in pink. J & rsquo; make it a whole lot of things (whose development du blog “the little echo of Montmartre”) that allow me to m & rsquo; blossom because I think I'm definitely not for a single task, j & rsquo; like playing creative Swiss Army Knife, it m & rsquo; amuses.

And I am happy to finally work for someone & rsquo; one who understood that & rsquo; it n & rsquo; not need to work as a 8 am damned to 21h to be effective and think it & rsquo; is as important d & rsquo; have a personal life to be creative and fulfilled. C & rsquo; is someone & rsquo; one that has the same requirement as me and concern for the job well done what pleases me enormously every day, I hate nothing more than sloppy work, quickly hurt in & rsquo; emergency that wastes time for everyone. C & rsquo; d & is a joy rsquo; having to worry about the quality of what I do as timing.


But the best c & rsquo; this person is also understood that I & rsquo; needed freedom and agreed to m & rsquo; to hire 3 / 5th, allowing me to devote myself to d & rsquo; other projects. 3 days in office, 2 days at home, the dream… C & rsquo; is a fairly ideal pace for me, I do not see the weeks pass as it is impossible that I m ​​& rsquo; bored. Continue reading