ego-de facto-Peacock


C & rsquo; is pretty funny, because l & rsquo; world of perfume fascinates me, while I almost never do door (it takes me once every 6 mois).

In Bossant visit & rsquo; Oreal, j & rsquo; had found that contrary to what I thought, j & rsquo; was pretty sensitive to odors, nose and meet and learn more about the details of their craft m & rsquo; was much intrigued. C & rsquo; is therefore with great pleasure that I & rsquo; I discovered the work of Pierre Aulas and I l & rsquo; have listened telling a bunch of little anecdotes about fragrances that & rsquo; he helped develop.

Having worked for others, right and left side of formulas but he believed certainly never come out of their flasks, s it & rsquo; is said that & rsquo; n & rsquo it, was never better served than by oneself and decided to launch her own range of fragrances.

I confess that despite my great interest in the universe, j & rsquo; have always found that the major brands and the reality of perfume were not really dreaming.

A perfume, if we do l & rsquo; not explain, if it only tells you her story, if we simply make you a nice TV spot there is little chance that & rsquo; it takes you. Far too often, major brands are content & rsquo; lock up their precious juice in a bottle with some gilding that s & rsquo; flake off at the slightest grip and the cap which makes a plastic noise when you l & rsquo; open.

Not very luxurious… no dream, every detail is carefully analyzed to d & rsquo; achieve maximum profitability.


So when I & rsquo; have discovered the range of ego facto perfumes, c & rsquo; d is & rsquo; my first designer eye was seduced. A bottle all that & rsquo; there is more simpe but with thoughtful details. The cap is heavy but seems slightly levitation and it is hand-cut crystal, making it a completely different noise when the & rsquo; removes and that & rsquo; is deposited. The small medallion made me a little l & rsquo; & rsquo effect; the seals and gives a little retro feel to the whole.

And, Pierre told us each flavor, every personality that & rsquo; it represents : strong characters but subtle. Anyone can s & rsquo; & rsquo identify with; one of these creations, much more easily that & rsquo; & rsquo with; other flavors.

J & rsquo; s love & rsquo; & rsquo idea; provide a perfume such message, say to someone & rsquo; a “This m & rsquo; was thinking about you”. Pierre considers d & rsquo; moreover each juice as a true extension of personality. I who have always thought that wearing a Chanel No. 5 or Calvin Klein was the sign of & rsquo; lack of & rsquo; obvious originality, I'm really fascinated by the concept of & rsquo; facto ego. Après, each carries its scent for a different reason : belong to a group, s & rsquo; identify with a great figure, or assert its singularity. I'm in the third category…


J & rsquo; thought was very inventive campaign devised for this range of fragrance, with barbies dolls, tout, absolutely everything m & rsquo; will definitely charmed in this project and I wish a nice success Pierre Aulas for this magnificent work. You will find the range facto ego only at Marionnaud, Valentines gift for the galleys for tomorrow, go for it :)

Enfin, because that & rsquo; was fun and very in tune with the & rsquo; & rsquo idea; having a blog and therefore d & rsquo; have a strong enough ego and advanced narcissism, j & rsquo; have agreed to lend me the game of & rsquo; muse, under the & rsquo; objective of Benjamin Boccas. J & rsquo;'ve played around with the great charmer for Fool for Love :) J & rsquo; however, I had a huge heart for the scent Poupoupidou and flower notes & rsquo; orange and rice vapors (embodied by deedee) and sacred heart and chablis notes, wood and tobacco (for men, played by Florian). Come discover all sur le site, It's worth the detour.

Photo credits : Benjamin Boccas

nose perfume

So, ok, the pun is zero, but it made me laugh, so let me laugh stupidly in my corner. So as the title says, j & rsquo; had lunch there shortly with a nose, and, and, someone & rsquo; one whose business is to feel things.

Not that I'm writing a thesis on the tastes and colors, but I work in a box where you meet a lot of people, and where precisely, there are “nose”.

I did get a sense of what any false trade that m & rsquo; still intrigued many, and I & rsquo; learned a lot of stuff. First, bon, I know c & rsquo; is zero, I m & rsquo; expecting lunch with someone & rsquo; one that would have a pretty nose…..fat…., it's stupid, but c & rsquo; was stronger than me.

Then, I thought that & rsquo; is born “nose”, that & rsquo; we knew what, that & rsquo; it was so sensitive to smells as occupation s & rsquo; required of himself. Mais non, c & rsquo; is like any, just d & rsquo; have a sensitivity and a natural attraction for odors to think make a career.

Much like the studies that I & rsquo; did finally : a small artistic sensibility, a good stroke of a pen, a hopla, the ride is far from & rsquo; be played, then we must do the studies that will enable you to develop his artistic sense. To nose c & rsquo; is the same, we learn a lot about the culture of smells, to distinguish, ie talk, etc… except that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there is very little & rsquo; schools offering this training, then c & rsquo; is as difficult & rsquo; enter than any other high school.

Bref, c & rsquo; is a profession that primarily s & rsquo; learn, and that, it m & rsquo; many surprised (I think I & rsquo; had read too much “the perfume”…).

But in fact, This m & rsquo; has most fascinated, c & rsquo; is that eventually, l & rsquo; smell is a sense that & rsquo; less is used, which one is the least receptive, the person that I & rsquo; had in front of me then was a small part of his brain more active than mine and above, It was another way of seeing things, or rather feel. Continue reading