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Les petons de Natalia Vodinova

It's happened that you do not feel for you ? D & rsquo; be there to almost play-acting, thinking that & rsquo; at any time we will expose you, d & rsquo; have the feeling of “play great” like when you were small, but not for nothing ?

Monday j & rsquo; was right in : bring my seuffes to Bristol to ask questions to Natalia Vodianova, remain sitting quietly in & rsquo; listen, watching my neighbor to play even taller than me with his dictaphone. I don & rsquo; have anything intelligent to ask him so many j & rsquo; I closed my mouth, and sofa bed made with my camera vainly trying to get something that I like that moment a little strange for me.

In these times I tell myself that even if I n & rsquo; not seem to do what I & rsquo; would, hide behind a camera c & rsquo; is clearly what suits me best : it gives me a capacity, I'm hunting in LA good photo (but sometimes n & rsquo; never happens) m and it & rsquo; slightly excites, I don & rsquo; have no need to talk about it because people think my pictures will speak for me, we do not come talk to me because I & rsquo; & rsquo have the; highly concentrated air. I'm a fucking & rsquo; sometimes unsocial… (Yes I think about all this while everybody does his job seriously).

Natalia I look and I find it reassuring, her hair n & rsquo; is not at the top, but it is quite cute, it n & rsquo; not too afraid to show like this, it's nice. Well I can assure you she still the class with her pretty jacket, but still, j & rsquo; liked this little bad awakened side.

I know that & rsquo; it can not tell exactly all that & rsquo; she thinks at the bottom and respond frankly to questions about his collection for Etam, because & rsquo; we all do it, on est polis, well behaved, and we did our job. And then n & rsquo; not just that.

Clic clac, the time to take pictures of the beautiful cups Bristol, I go back to work until the evening to see the parade has become a small event since last year. J & rsquo; not like parades, I feel even less for me, but that day I & rsquo; have decided to brave the heels 12 and d & rsquo; put on my costume fashion blogger (I always put my YSL perfecto in these cases, I'm pathetic).

On site, j & rsquo; I have not invited, ever received. So I'm getting back up 3 times before that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; care of me, c & rsquo; not matter, j & rsquo; had planned to leave my ego at home anyway. But my just behind Natalia Vodianova and Adrian Brody'm getting a bit back in my own esteem (ha ha like c & rsquo; is ridiculous).

A reporter sitting to my right éructe : “Ok on va voir les Sister Sledge et Gloria Gaynor, but c & rsquo; n & rsquo is; anything the front row in this parade, there is none of the press, we don & rsquo; that is really good & rsquo; to lay their papers in con”. C & rsquo; is so funny, if she knew the little red to his left playing Bejeweled Blitz on iPhone is only a small blogger she invited her swallow.

Who is really in his place that day finally here ? (philosophical sentence End ticket, I roughly shaped this morning).

The Sister Sledge anyway ^^