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You should have seen us take pictures with Fabien as illegal in that cage d & rsquo; staircase… We mounted them and down the & rsquo; nonchalantly 3 or 4 both to deceive the people passing by, throwing hello detached. We ran to hide in the floors to every little noise door, giggling like kids 5 years that have made a good joke (kr kr kr kr).

It had cracked on & rsquo; & rsquo place that; it was really beautiful, but n & rsquo; & rsquo was no; authorization as d & rsquo; habit. We're too punk YEAH KESKYA ?

And if not for those m & rsquo; asked, Fabien is actually my brother. He is a graduate of Fine Arts in Rennes and we like to make photos together. D & rsquo; first because & rsquo; it laughs, and secondly because that & rsquo; we're working well both : we have ideas, on propose, we try. C & rsquo; is easier for him who is behind the & rsquo; goal, but the result is really the result of & rsquo; joint work c & rsquo; s why that & rsquo; we're both credit pictures. Voilou.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles