Dress Red-5
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Dress Red-5

Asos Trench, dress Closet, bag Asos, umbrella from "des petits hauts", Asos shoes

This Parisian neighbourhood is full of memories for me, It reminds me of my years at the ecole Boulle, we spent lots of evenings in this neighborhood, at a friend's who had a family house.

I do not know if you've ever gone there for a walk, in the small streets or “Villas” lining the Mouzaïa street in the 19th but it definitely worth the trip. You will dream that you live in one of those houses and take every day tea surrounded by Ivy watching cats compete on walls.

I like to daydream and imagine those pretty houses and what's in it , they look a bit british. Oh, I know I'll probably never have the means to live in this kind of place, but I've always liked to lose myself in this kind of thoughts, like when I was a kid, we used to imagine our ideal house floor by floor with my mother and my sister , It was a serious matter, so serious that we could have words about for the color of imaginary curtains…

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